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About Water Softening Plants

Hard Water contains dissolved minerals in the form of Calcium (Ca), Magnesium (Mg), and Iron (Fe). Removal of these minerals is accomplished by softening the water through an ion exchange process. As the water flows through the mineral tank, the dissolved minerals become attached to the resin, creating soft water. Over a period of time the resin will become exhausted, and the softener will regenerate using a brine solution produced from the salt in the brine tank.

Advantages to Using Water Softeners:

  • Provides excellent scale prevention pretreatment for Reverse Osmosis Systems 
  • Prevents hard water scale 
  • Prevents staining on bathroom & kitchen fixtures as well as dishes, dishwasher, washing machine and clothes 
  • Significantly reduces soap and cleaning product consumption 
  • Reduces water heating costs 
  • Prolongs life of Reverse Osmosis Membranes, water heaters, icemakers, dishwashers, coffeemakers and plumbing fixtures

Sizing and Selection Information


Step 1: Calculate Total Hardness as GPG 

Usually, chemical analyses report calcium (Ca) and magnesium (Mg) in terms of parts per million (ppm) as calcium carbonate (CaCO3). However, in some cases, the analysis is reported in terms of the elements themselves. If this is the case, proceed as follows: 

Calcium (as Ca)___ × 2.50 = _____ppm Ca as CaCO3. (A) 

Magnesium (as Mg) ___× 4.10 = _____ppm Mg as CaCO3. (B) 

A ___ + B____ = ______Total Hardness PPM as CaCO3 

Total Hardness PPM as CaCO3 ___ ÷ 17.1 = ___ GPG as CaCO3. 


Step 2: Calculate Cubic Feet of Resin Required 

___ Gallons per Day × ____Total Hardness (GPG) = ____ Grains per Day 

___ Grains per Day ÷ 30,000 = ___ Cubic Feet of Resin Required 

Select the appropriate softener based on the volume of resin. When between sizes, it is recommended to select the next size up. 


Note: Above calculations are based on daily regeneration and maximum resin capacity. Regeneration is based on 15 lbs. of salt per cubic foot of resin.

Salient Features of our Range of Water Softening Plant

Low Power Consumption

High Performamce

Reliable Durable

Corrosion Resistance